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Registration & Payment


Enrollment of new students for the 2018/19 school year begins May 25th. Registration before July 15th is urgently requested to allow for planning of classes. As of August 15th a post registration fee of $50 applies and certain classes may not be available. We encourage you to enroll early.

School start is planned for September in Greenville and Spartanburg. Any enrollment after the beginning of school will require an personal interview and a post registration fee of $100 applies. 

Prospective parents / students are asked to complete the Online Registration Form and submit the Tuition and the Registration Fee via the PayPal Link. Payments may also be made via check (payable to GERMAN SCHOOL UPSTATE, SC) - please send us an e-mail that you intend to do so.

As the GERMAN SCHOOL UPSTATE is an independent school, parents / students are not legally entitled to receive admission. The school will reimburse already made payments (registration fee and tuition) if a student cannot be enrolled with the beginning of the school year. Students that cannot be admitted will be put on a waiting list.

Please refer to the Tuition & Fee page for details.

The online registration process is easy. You simply follow these 3 steps:

    1. Submitting Registration Form
      The link opens a new window / tab with the online registration form. Please fill out the fields that are relevant to you and submit the form. The school will receive the online application and will send you a confirmation that the registration was received using the e-mail address provided
      in the registration form.

      Link to Registration From 2018/19
      (opens in new window)


    1. Submitting Registration Fee and Tuition

      We will review your registration information once you have submitted the registration form.
      You will receive a PayPal payment request / invoice via e-mail within one week of registration. The e-mail will contain a link where you can directly pay via a PayPal account or with a credit card online. 
      We highly recommend using the online payment system and not sending a check, since we can keep much better track of all tuition finances that way.
      Please contact us if you have questions regarding your payment.


  1. Final Confirmation E-Mail
    You will receive a final confirmation e-mail once the registration form and the payment are received. This e-mail will also have instructions for the first day of school. Note: The registration is not complete until a payment has been made. A student cannot be placed in class, until the registration form has been submitted and a payment has been made!


Note: The school relies on the participation of volunteers to operate at the most economical level possible and to keep tuition low. We hope that many parents, guardians and friends will help us enrich our program by occasionally volunteering their time to help with our programs.


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