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Beginner & Advanced

Beginner (A1 & A2)

Our beginner and continuing program is a well-rounded introduction into the basics of the German language. All four skills – listening, speaking, writing and reading – are incorporated in the class. We introduce and expand the vocabulary and the understanding of how the language works by teaching phonetics, and through interactive play / hands on activities as well as written reinforcement.

Various educational games deepen the knowledge of German traditions and geography. Sentence structure, correct usage of articles and adjective endings, singular and plural forms of nouns, etc. are the focus of the grammar lessons.

The goal is to enable students to have small conversations about topics such as leisure time, food and drinks, sports, family, housing, school, animals and travels. Students can reach a level, at which they are capable of understanding short general texts, fill out basic forms and write personal e-mails / letters. They will be able to express their physical and emotional needs and feelings. 


Advanced (B1 & B2)

The advanced level is a continuation of previously learnt material and also preparation for standardized testing. Students improve their skills, expand and polish their knowledge of German. We work on more complex grammar, comprehension of longer texts in addition to writing and speaking skills.

Students learn to discuss, judge and argue familiar topics. They will learn to follow longer speeches and take part in fluent, spontaneous conversations. We read newspaper articles, listen to radio plays, and read short stories or novels. Students are taught to express themselves on a more detailed, advanced level. They also learn to write whole essays in German.

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